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Flight Instructor Rating

Course Details- Flight Instructor Rating


Share your passion for flying with others and help them achieve their goals!

We have all been trained by someone previously to get where we are now. Do you want to give back and help the next generation of pilots in their quest to achieve their goals?

How we do it

During your training you will be taught by experienced instructors who will impart their own knowledge and experience to make you a better instructor.

The training will take place on VH registered Cessna 152 and Cessna 172 aircraft.

The course cost is $16,900 (excl. GST) paid over four regular instalments throughout the course. We have a partnership with EdStart to help with financing if you need additional help funding the training.


You will need to have a CPL and have completed the CASA PIRC (Pilot Instructor Rating Common) Examination.

What’s included?

  • Ten week course (Full Time)

  • Spinning Flight Activity Endorsement

  • 40 Hours of Flight Training

  • Basic Instrument Flight gap training

  • Principles and Methods of Instruction Course

  • 30 Hours minimum scheduled briefing time

  • Aircraft hire for the flight test

  • Possibility of employment on completion (dependent on competency and personnel requirements)

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Course Details- Multi Engine Rating 

Want the peace of mind of having two engines?

We take great care in ensuring our multi engine flight training is trained and assessed thoroughly to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency of operations. Multi Engine flying is a lot more than having extra performance, it is a large step up from single engine flying. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the lessons with a strong attention to detail and care for your progression.

How we do it

We utilise a suite of in-house developed multi-engine briefings which will cover basic particulars on the aeroplane you will fly, through to asymmetric operations and safe operations in the event of abnormal situations. After we are satisfied that you understand the aeroplane and procedures thoroughly, we will commence the flying component. This will cover the CASA Part 61 Manual of Standard requirements for the issue of a Multi Engine Class Rating.

This training can be done in conjunction with an Instrument Rating. Contact us for further information.

Competency Based Training

Our Commercial Pilot Licence course is compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 61 Manual of Standards. All training is competency based, meaning that high performance gets rewarded with faster progression.

What’s included?

  • All Multi Engine theory briefings and pre-flight briefings

  • 8 Hours Multi Engine Dual Syllabus Flight Training

  • Flight test fees

The total course cost for the MEA Class Rating is $7,028 plus GST.

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