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Helping You Learn Flight Theory

Allied Aviation Academy is a Flight Training School that offers training to students who has  a dream to be become a pilot. Our training packages from RPL to CPL offering both Aeroplanes and Helicopter Training.  Visit one or more of our training locations in Australia and USA for flight training upon completion of your flight theory.

About Us

We Help Students Build Their Flying Dreams.

Allied Aviation Acacdemy is a small flight training school established since 2013 to provide flight training to students in Pacific & Papua New Guinea. 


What Student Are Saying

“It was awesome receiving my pilot license in just six weeks, I dont need a pilot now for my site visit or flying from one place to another.”

Daniel Johnson

“I am from Copenhagen I was delighted to learn helicopter training and got my license in 8 weeks .”

Julia Michele

"If you learning to be come a pilot choose allied aviation so much fun training with them ."

Robert Green

"I am Joshua From Nigeria, I was transfered by vfly to study at allied to get my commercial pilot license."

Joshua Goodman