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Flight is within your reach and it may be easier than you think. Learning to fly opens your world to new experiences, people, and places. It is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages. When you learn to fly, you set yourself apart from others. Private Pilot flight training involves learning a lot of new concepts and ideas, and they are fascinating! Now that you have made your decision, it’s time to get moving. You can become a private pilot as young as 17-years old. So no matter where you are in life, begin your adventure right now. Get started for free.

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Welcome to the AirportAircraft BasicsYour First Flight LessonPilot QualificationsAircraft Requirements
AerodynamicsMeet Your Instrument PanelConventional Airplane InstrumentsZulu TimePhonetic Alphabet
Latitudes and LongitudesUnderstanding Sectional ChartsClass D Airport CommunicationsAirport OperationsNational Airspace System
Stalls, Spins, and SpiralsAirport Signs & Runway MarkingsWake TurbulenceStall Recovery BasicsThe Stabilized Approach
Emergency ProceduresTranspondersEngines and SystemsGround Reference ManeuversSteep Turns
Short Field OperationsSoft Field OperationsFAA Pilot RegulationsWeather TheoryDensity Altitude
Weather ChartsMETARs, TAFs, & PIREPsAtmospheric InstabilityCalculating Crosswind ComponentsVFR Weather Minimums
VOR NavigationGPS: What it is and How it worksNight Flight OperationsWeight and BalancePerformance Charts
Aeromedical FactorsAeronautical Decision Making (ADM)The Chart Supplement PublicationCross-Country Flight PlanningCheckride Preparation

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