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Private Pilot License

Looking to fly further?

Fly to new and exciting places

This course will give you what you need to fly an aeroplane on cross country flights and will give you the ability to extend your own qualifications and experience.

How we do it

The flying will take a minimum of 35 hours to achieve a PPL. This can simply be booked ad-hoc at your own pace and as per your availability. We recommend booking at least fortnightly so you can maintain your skills and progress efficiently. All training is done on CASA registered aircraft. At the end of your training you will have a Private Pilot Licence.

What do I need to start?

  • You will need to be at least 17 years of age prior to the PPL Flight test

  • You will need to be able to meet a medical standard of at least a CASA Issued Class 2 Medical certificate.

  • You will need to pass a police check so you can obtain your Aviation Security Identification Card

  • You will need to be able to pass an Aviation English Language Proficiency test to a level of 4.

Competency Based Training

Our Private Pilot Licence course is compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Part 61 Manual of Standards. All training is competency based, meaning that high performance gets rewarded with faster progression.

Advantages of a PPL

The advantage a Private Pilot Licence has over a Recreational Pilot Licence:

  • You can fly heavier aircraft. Increasing Max Takeoff Weight from 1,500kg (RPL) to 5,700kg.

  • You can get a Multi Engine Aeroplane Class Rating

  • You can get a Night VFR Rating

  • You can get an Instrument Rating.

  • The ICAO PPL is recognised overseas for the purpose of licence conversions.

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