Allied Aviation Academy

Allied Aviation Academy- Nextron Aviation  


We Provide helicopter and aeroplane services.

Our range of charter , aerial survey, aerial film and mustering with scenic flights are available for booking.

Main Services


Aerial Survey


Translift Airworks can provide you with an aerial platform for any aerial surveys or inspections. Whether you’re after a property or site inspection, powerline inspection, or flora and fauna survey, our experienced pilots will ensure that you get your job done safely and efficiently.

Translift are an approved operator for many NSW government departments such as National Parks and Wildlife services and can assist with survey operations of many various types. 



Translift Airworks  have a range of helicopters and can provide hassle free, corporate helicopter transfers. We can save you time and allow you to travel in comfort, eliminating the hassle of road work delays, hire cars or taxis!

Based at the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, we can organise your transfer direct to and from places such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, or any destination you need. Fast, efficient, confidential, hassle free travel. 


Aerial Filming

Filming and photography from a helicopter is the best way to gain the shots you want. Helicopters are flexible, manoeuvrable and get you into the position you need for shots that stand out from the rest.

Whether it’s for the home photo album of your property, real estate or other professional jobs, we can supply you with a superb platform.

Our team has plenty of experience when it comes to aerial filming and photography, having carried out work for companies including Adidas, Boags Beer and Red Bull.


Fire Fighting & Special Occasions

Translift Airworks experienced crew have been fighting fires from our Ballina base since 2008, and are an approved operator for the NSW State Air Desk and NSW Rural Fire Service, as well as Emergency services departments in QLD. We are available 24/7 for fire fighting operations including air attack, water bombing, mapping and general surveillance. 

Our two aerial fire fighting aircraft are also equipped with FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared), Aerial Incendiary machines for hazard reductions, and we have our own 25,000L Jet AI fuel tanker to support our aircraft in the field.

Translift Airworks operate with the latest equipment for our aerial incendiary operations. For efficient, safe hazard reduction, the Translift Airworks helicopter combined with bombardier and dispensing unit make a great asset for any agency who may need this type of work carried out. The unique ability to switch quickly between incendiary operations, patrolling and bucketing makes our service the first choice when it comes to any controlled burning operation.