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Established in 2016

Over 100,000 pilots got their training with Gold Seal. Why not join them? You can start right now using the “Sign Up” option at the top. It is free and gives you instant access to a full third of the Private Pilot course.
In addition to the most complete set of multimedia training modules on the internet, Gold Seal puts the most powerful set of testing functions at your fingertips. Over 700 FAA questions are offered up in module-based quizzes. Your results are automatically stored and can be reviewed whenever you like. You can print them out, or even print out lists just of the questions you missed. It’s the easiest way to prep for the FAA Written Test.

Are you thinking about becoming a pilot? Are you already a pilot? Either way you have come to the internet’s best choice for private pilot training. Welcome!
Gold Seal has developed the premier online resource for pilots of any level, following the FAA’s new ACS (Airman Certification Standards). Our training is fun and engaging and provides a unique method of transferring aviation knowledge directly to you. It’s all online so you can review anywhere, anytime, on any computer or tablet.
The process of obtaining a license is governed by the FAA. Click Here to discover exactly how you can become a pilot. Choosing a flight school and instructor are important decisions. There are key points that you should understand before making your decision. Download our free ebook to learn the facts you need to know.


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